Saiyonle – the land of trees, in the old tongue. None speak it anymore, but it's obvious from whence the name originated. A world covered by vast, partly impassable swathes of forest and jungle and swamp, all merged together, all deep, dense, and tall … and highly magical, resonating with a power lacking in an ordinary forest. Silvis, they are called, then, to differentiate them from ordinary forests. It has been discovered, by devoted druids and other students of the magical arts, that their power comes from the Silvis – or rather, from sources deep inside them. The Silvis are areas of wild magic, effects constantly going awry within its depths. Only those who draw their power directly from the land itself seem able to withstand the effects of the flux, and even they are not immune near the nodes. No one has ever penetrated that far – or at least, none have returned to tell of it. The Silvis bound the continents, and there are trade routes between them, but caravans are planned months in advance, and escorted by all manner of mercenaries – casters and alchemists to deal with the flux, and swordsman to defend against any creatures that may attack – for you may be sure, the Silvis has it's native creatures. No more evil than a wolf or a bear, but vicious if they feel threatened, and more powerful.


For millenia have the Silvis stood, fixed, indestructible, implacable, beautiful, deadly, as much a part of the world as the earth itself, a trial and a blessing to all who inhabit the land of trees. Should they ever fall, all magic, and possibly all life, will fall with them.

Blue Harvest